From a Suffering Story to Life Itself

This loss of identification with the sense of a personal self, seemed to happen, over what we would call time.

Rebekah now talks about this non-personal energetic change, and how the human animal, freed from seeking, is now free to be what it is, just like everything else appearing.

This is what she would describe as freedom from human suffering; freedom which isn’t based around pleasurable experiences, pleasurable thoughts or feelings, but an unconditional freedom and love, based around the dissolving of an illusory energetic dream of being someone.

An incomprehensible rediscovery of that which was never lost

Non Duality (Not Two), is an energetic communication that is spoken beyond the meaning of the words, and beyond the dream reality of a separate person

Rebekah lives in the UK with her two children, and very much enjoys expressing this freedom and unconditional love.

“talking about something that can’t possibly be talked about…is such a joy!”