Book a Private Session exploring Non Duality

Book a Private Session exploring blocks of the human experience

Sessions cost £45 for an hour – Please indicate which you are wanting.
Please send an email to to make arrangements.

Please make payment on the donation page after a time and day has been agreed.

By way of a disclaimer, Rebekah is not a qualified therapist or counsellor, and is merely sharing from her own expression,  experience and knowledge. By paying for a session, you agree to the terms that any participants response or reaction to these explorations and communications is entirely, and only, a product of the participants own interpretation and is their own responsibility. By paying for a session you are agreeing with these terms.

Below is a link for the Samaritans who are always available to lend a listening ear :
The Samaritans

Here is a link for a UK organisation who offer support for people struggling with the integration of spirituality into their daily lives :
Spiritual Crisis Network

These links are offered in suggestion as support, Rebekah is in no way responsible for the contents or experience you may have by following these external links.